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Anime Chronicles™
Users: 8 Rooms: 142
Main Language:
Description: As our name says, we are the last sanctuary on palace. Last Sanctuary welcomes all lifestyles. We offer props, games, animated room and entertainment. So make sure you check us out and bookmark us!
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:29:14 2018 Hosted By:

Château des Anges
Users: 8 Rooms: 481
Main Language:
Description: Bienvenue au palace, Chateau des Anges. Nous avons des milliers de props disponibles et le compte augmente chaque jour. Des rooms disponibles pour tous, Yahtzee, Videos, Radio RDA et bien plus. Toute l equipe vous attends. Le Palace DroopZone est maintenant fusionner avec le Chateau pour offrir un monde medieval. Proprietaire: K@ttou et Droopy
Props Adults
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:30:07 2018 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Outrigger Island
Users: 8 Rooms: 339
Main Language:
Description: 40,000 avatars all "original" by owner ***UPDATE 4.1.18 100 new female color avs. recolored, and boho.
Props Adults
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:35:27 2018 Hosted By:

Island of Jewels
Users: 7 Rooms: 92
Main Language:
Description: Welcome all to visit. Good Conversations with Games, avatar shops. Pole dancers, We have a mixture of all. Plenty things to do. We cannot wait to see you.
Adults BDSM
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:31:36 2018 Hosted By: elite

Crimson Moonlight
Users: 6 Rooms: 199
Main Language:
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:37:16 2018 Hosted By: Storm

Outlaw - PÖL
Users: 6 Rooms: 277
Main Language:
Description: The Palace Outlaws. Beware.. Enter At Own Risk. All are welcome. Any problems, complaints, drama or suggestions can be submitted at cuz we really dont. Thank you and have a great Outlaw day.
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:31:18 2018 Hosted By: Storm

Port City of Brundisium
Users: 6 Rooms: 152
Main Language:
Description: Our Gorean Roleplay is taken from the 34th Novel. In which Brundisium let an Assassin Council live and homestead somewhere hidden deep within its walls and land. We are a PEACEFUL home and DRAMA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Read the rules...
Adults Gor
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:33:18 2018 Hosted By: Storm

Çartius River Çamp†¶
Users: 6 Rooms: 151
Main Language:
Description: Gorean RolePlay
Adults Gor
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:33:30 2018 Hosted By: Storm

BlackHeart Castle
Users: 5 Rooms: 293
Main Language:
Description: BlackHeart Castle is am adult home. Vampire reside here. Enter if you dare... with respect and courtesy to all.
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:36:45 2018 Hosted By: Storm

Franco's Place
Users: 5 Rooms: 141
Main Language:
Description: 18 years and older mayors de 18 a?os
Last Report: Sun Apr 22 18:30:26 2018 Hosted By: elitepalaces

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ElitePalaces Easter Egg Hunt 2018 winners!!

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Congratulations to you all and be ready for our next events.


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