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Chat Palace
Users: 123 Rooms: 276
Main Language:
Description: The home of the PalaceChat client software.
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 17:58:26 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Wolves & Vamps
Users: 50 Rooms: 143
Main Language:
Description: Bienvenidos a Lobos y Vampiros... Escoge tu destino / Welcome to Wolves & Vamps... Choose your destiny...
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 17:55:07 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Users: 29 Rooms: 232
Main Language:
Description: ~BadBabes~ Home of the hottest babes on Palace! A place for you to relax and chill with friends from all around the world. We welcome all types. Feel free to browse our avatars, rooms, or revel at our gate!!
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:00:24 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Users: 24 Rooms: 121
Main Language:
Description: The original Mansion which opened November 15, 1995 is back! Harry is still serving up drinks at the bar. Come join us!
All ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:02:02 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Le paradis a Manon
Users: 20 Rooms: 210
Main Language:
Description: Bienvenue aux amateurs de musique
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:01:34 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Users: 18 Rooms: 326
Main Language:
Description: un palace de buen ambiente: props,salas y peliculas para todos los gustos
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 17:59:47 2015 Hosted By: elitepalaces

Suppressed Boundaries
Users: 18 Rooms: 319
Main Language:
Description: Many see you for what you appear to be. Few see you for what you truly are. This is where the banned go to play. Adult & BDSM meshed together but anyone is welcome. Some come in laugh, get your rocks off.... really the possibilities are endless.
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:00:51 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Aurore Boré@le
Users: 16 Rooms: 360
Main Language:
Description: La ou il fait bon discuter entre ami(e)s et faire de nouvelles connaissances. Plusieurs salles sont a votre disposition dont : des jeux.des avatars etc.. Vous pouvez creer votre propre chambre ou utiliser celle deja offertes sur le palace. Amicalement Lotus
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:00:35 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Au coeur de l´acadie
Users: 14 Rooms: 136
Main Language:
Description: Bienvenue au coeur de lacadie
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 18:01:27 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

Palace Portugues
Users: 14 Rooms: 902
Main Language:
Description: E um palace em que podes encontrar rooms muito bonitos props e pessoas muito divertidas.Entra e diverte-te
All Ages
Last Report: Tue Mar 3 17:55:55 2015 Hosted By: ElitePalaces

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